KangerTech has manufactured yet another e-cigarette box mod going by the name Kanger Kbox 120W. The new Kbox Kanger 120W comes with full capabilities of controlling temperature. The Kanger 120W has a very top class look and feels very classic as well. This Kanger Kbox 120W also boasts of a huge power output of 120W. Package Contents: Ensure that the following are present in the package once you decide to purchase A Kanger Kbox 120W. • One Kanger Kbox.120W Fantastic Features of the Kanger Kbox 120W. The following are some of the surprising features of the Kanger Kbox 120W that makes it more appealing to the users. • The Kanger 120W Kbox has a feature for controlling the temperature. • The Kanger Kbox 120W has a Wattage output of between 7W and 120W. • The Kanger Kbox 120W has a micro USB cable. • The Kanger 120W box mod supports a resistance of 0.05? and above. • It has a spring loaded 510 thread connector. • The Kanger 120W Kbox is powered using two 18650 external batteries that are bought separately. • The dimensions of the Kanger 120W Kbox are 56mm in length, 84 mm in height and 22mm wide. • It has Temperature Control supports: Ti/Ni/NiCR/SS

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