The Limitless Mod Co has continued to release amazing vaping products into the vaping industry. This is done so as to promote vaping and allows vapers to vape in style and stand out from the rest. This is why the Limitless Mod Co has come up with a new product that will ensure that vapers achieve their dream of vaping in class while cutting down the expenditure involved. The Skull chief LMC plates Box Mod has been introduced so as to transform the look of the vapers box mod. With the chief skull plates, it is now possible for one to choose their style and look of their device. The plate has the picture of a skull inscribed in it using multi-colours making it look elegant and attractive. The skull chief has been highly decorated making it appear spectacular and will without a doubt make your device look fantastic. If you are looking for a way of making your device look gothic and exactly as you want it, this is the product to go for, and your dreams shall come true
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