KangerTech is such a great company when it comes to the production of vaping accessories. Most customers have fallen in love with KangerTech products, and the company has decided to uphold its reputation when it comes to offering quality vaping products. Most KangerTech tanks should be used alongside KangerTech coils for better performance. KangerTech has now released brand new coils to be used together with KangerTech tanks; these coils are known as the KangerTech VOCC coils. The KangerTech VOCC coils are manufactured using the organic Japanese cotton as compared to the typical fibre wick which has been used widely in the older replacement coils. These new KangerTech VOCC coils provide such a superior vape as compared to the older models of replacement coils. The new KangerTech VOCC coils come in two resistances which are the 1.2? and 1.8? These new KangerTech VOCC coils are compatible with a number of clearomisers including: The mini protank 3 The protank 3 The aerotank Turbo The V2 Aerotank

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