The original Kanger OCC coils now have another version which is made using Stainless Steel, and this explains the origin of the acronym SSOCC, which stands for Stainless Steel OCC coils. A stainless steel wire has been used to make these wires as compared to the original OCC coils that were manufactured using Nichrome. As opposed to the OCC coils which had a cuboid shape, these SSOCC Replacement Coils are smaller in size and have a cylindrical shape hence taking up less space or volume of the tank in which they are used. At the moment, the SSOCC Replacement Coils come together with Topbox, Nebox as well as Subvoid. There is a higher possibility that the Kangertech SSOCC Replacement Coils will be available in all Kanger products with time and will totally eliminate the use of OCC coils. The SSOCC coils are capable of working in all tanks that are currently using the OCC coils because they are backwards compatible. Ratings of the Coils: 0.2? coil with a power rating range of 20W-70W (Direct lung inhalation) 0.5? coil with a power rating range of 15W-60W (Direct lung inhalation) 1.2? coil with a power rating range of 15W-25W (Mouth to lung inhalation) 1.5? coil with a power rating range of 15W-18W (Mouth to lung inhalation)

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