The Sub Tank Nano is the smaller model of the appealing Sub-Tank. This model, however, cannot be rebuilt but is capable of taking the replacement atomizer heads. This Nano Sub-Tank might be small in size but is impressive. This tank is a sub-ohm tank, and this, therefore, means that it utilizes coils of lower resistances. This qualifies only users with experience to use this Kanger Sub Tank.

This tank only operates with devices that can fire sub-ohm atomizers as well as coils. For instance, if you have a 0.5Ω coil then you must use a firing device that can fire coils whose resistance is 0.5Ω or less.

Package Contents: • A Kanger Sub-Tank Nano •OCC sub ohm 0.5 (Range 15 W- 30 W) • OCC 1.2 (Range 12W-25W) • A user guideline book

Features: •

  • It has organic cotton from Japan. •
  • It has a 510 connection. •
  • It is made of Pyrex glass. •
  • It has a tank with a capacity of 3ml. •
  • Its structure is very durable. •
  • It has an airflow system that is much enhanced. •
  • It has a smaller design which is very compact. •
  • It is 18.5 mm wide. • 
  • It has a height of 47 mm without the Drip Tip. •
  • It has a height of 60mm with the Drip Tip.

 Compatibility: This Nano Subtank is compatible with the 510 connection. It is advisable only to use this tank with devices capable of generating 25W of power and above.

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