The Kanger Subtank V2 Mini is the smaller version of the revolutionary Subtank hybrid. This device is comparable to no other and has a diameter of 22mm and has the capability of holding between 4-5ml of the e-liquid. This particular device is unique in the sense that it avails the possibility of switching between the newly designed OCC heads (Organic Cotton Coil) and the new atomizer head that is rebuildable. The Organic Cotton Coil heads use organic cotton from Japan as the wick. By just using a few twists, it is possible to switch from a vaping experience that is convenient to modifying and creating your own coils and having the freedom to choose your own desired wicks. It is like having tow tanks in one. The Package CONTAINS: A Kanger V2 Subtank mini. A screwdriver. Four screw. A user manual. An extra glass tube. An RBA v2 base having side liquid holes. This tank is very durable. This particular tank avails a very pure taste. It utilizes the new OCC coil heads. It used OCC coils and has an e-liquid capacity of 4-5ml.

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