This is one of the best tanks that are now in existence in the vaping world. With the new bottom vertical coils (BVC) system, this tank performs exemplarily well and is becoming many vapers favourite. The already existing Aspire Nautilus, which has already proven a straight positive performance record now, features the Bottom Vertical Coils. This Aspire Nautilus tank features a combination of sophisticated design as well as a great technology.

Package Contents of the Aspire Nautilus BVC tank.

The following are the package contents that should be present in the kit box after purchasing this device.

  • A Nautilus BVC Tank.
  • An extra Aspire Nautilus Bottom Vertical Coil( there is one inside the clearomizer)
  • An e-Go cone.
  • A user manual.
  • An extra replacement tank manufactured using Pyrex glass.
  • It is built using stainless steel.
  • It features and adjustable airflow control functionality.
  • It has a glass tube made using Pyrex glass.
  • This Aspire Nautilus BVC tank has a maximum capacity of 5ml.
  • It features the Bottom Vertical Coil Technology (BVC).
  • This tank has an elegant modern body shape.
  • The tank measures 83.65 mm in height.

Features of the Aspire Nautilus BVC tank.

Specifications of the Aspire Nautilus BVC Tank.

The maximum diameter of the Nautilus BVC tank system is 23.45mm.

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