The Aspire Nautilus Mini is by no doubt the upcoming generation when dealing with tank systems. Manufactured using stainless steel and Pyrex glass, the Aspire Nautilus Mini utilizes the Aspire Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC) technology of atomization.

This brand new technology is designed to be long-lasting and at the same time offering users the cleanest as well as purest taste from the e-liquids. The Nautilus Mini comes with an improved air flow system that is adjustable and has four ports making it very reliable and user-friendly.

This one of a kind four-port system enables the use to make adjustments on the draw, the amount of vapor to be produced as well as the warmth of the vapor. The design of the tank Mini Nautilus allows it to be easily carried around, installed and then refilled.

Package Contents:

When you purchase an Aspire Nautilus Mini, ensure that the following are present in the package:

•    A Nautilus Mini Tank of a capacity of 2ml

•    A pre-installed 1.8Ω BVC atomizer

•    A 1.8Ω BVC atomizer for replacement.

•    An e-Go threaded cone.

•    A user guideline book.


The following are some of the unique features of this Aspire Nautilus Mini.

•    It is compatible with the 510 connection.

•    It has an e-liquid capacity of 2ml

•    It is made of Pyrex glass

•    It comes with replacement coils that you can replace should there be a need to.

•    Its air flow can be adjusted.

•    It has an excellent coil rating of 1.6Ω and 1.8Ω

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