The Limitless Atomiser Matte Black belongs in the same class with some other recent atomizers manufactured by the Limitless Company. The type of technology used in this case assures vapers of an entirely new revolution in the vapers world. This is made possible by harnessing the heat from the coils and using it to change the colour of the atomizer. To create ample wicking and building room, an undercut is availed beneath the posts. For the solid post, brass has been used to make it and thus ensures better conductivity. With the huge rectangular shaped window, quick as well as easy building together with big wire gauges is made possible. To make sure that the positive post is prevented from spinning, it is made into a square shaped design. With the airflow control feature (AFC) having three holes, the preferred airflow can be adjusted to ensure your coils get cooled from below. By inverting the atomizer, it will be fully opened, and therefore, its coils can get cooled from the top. It is for this particular reason that there are always an upright and an inverted Limitless Logos. The specifications and features of the Limitless Atomizer Black Bandana. Features. • The Limitless Atomizer Matte Black is designed into three particular parts. • The Limitless Atomizer Matte Black has a centre post made using brass. • The insulator of the Limitless Atomizer Matte Black is square in shape. • Its pin is made using copper metal. • The posts which are negative are machined. • The availability of the undercut allows for more cotton to be used. • It has an O-ring innovative ring which is used to secure its pin. • The Limitless Atomizer Matte Black has a cap that is flappable for inflow. • The Limitless Atomizer Matte Black’s cap is Chuff styled

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