The Aspire is back with a brand new Aspire 120 Cleito sub-ohm tank which is basically one of the best tanks that Aspire has manufactured up to now. The Aspire has been striving so hard to make sure that the vapers are always happy when using their products. This is why to Aspire, quality is something that has to be maintained at all costs.

The new Aspire 120 Cleito sub ohm tank comes in a black and stainless steel. The idea of the Aspire Cleito 120 Sub Ohm Tank was come up with by Aspire after taking the design of the very popular Cleito and then upscaling everything about the Aspire Cleito. The new 120 version of the original popular Cleito has an e-liquid tank that measures 4ml and can ramp up to 120W; it also features a very smooth airflow as well as very intense flavour and produces a lot of vapour as well.

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