The blue Limitless Mod with a Tiffany sleeve is availed with a recessed newly designed button. This sleeve also boasts of a sturdy stainless steel spring which is useful for availing a smooth button throw. The Tiffany blue sleeve uses a very innovative mechanism using a 4 point rail system to ground it so as to ensure the sliding up of your button and keeping the contact always aligned for proper connection. Any hot buttons incidences are eliminated by making sure the proper grounding has been done. This sleeve also uses a contact design as well as a one piece button which is also another innovative design. This sleeve is the best sleeve on the market right now, and this is what most vapers should go for. With the Blue Tiffany sleeve, you will be assured of quality services as well a longer durability. This sleeve will perfectly match your mod and will look so elegant to a point that you will just feel happy while using your Limitless Mod.

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