Black colour seems to fit in almost every situation. There are so many black things in this world and this is because this colour seems to perfectly match and fit in almost every situation. This is the only colour that a real vaper needs. This colour is not so bright and at the same time not so dull. A black sleeve is all you need for your Limitless Mod. A black sleeve is very straightforward, simple, and perfectly matches almost everything. This black sleeve for the Limitless Mod looks very awesome. It looks so unique and so elegant, virtually all vapers would like this sleeve so that they can use it with their Mods. There is an underlying reason why the black sleeve will never go out of style. Are you searching for the ideal black sleeve for your Limitless Mod of any colour? This then is the perfect sleeve for you; the black sleeve is suitable to be used with almost all the Limitless Mods.

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